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28 October 2012 @ 01:22 am
Necrosis: an Umbrella fanmix  

Each song is meant to represent one antagonist, although they're meant to have to be cohesive and represent Umbrella as a whole. ALSO: for some reason I was convinced Carla formerly worked for Umbrella. Since she represents "Neo-Umbrella", I feel her inclusion is warranted. 

I realized after I made this mix that two of the songs came from one of suchaprince's mixes. She's an amazingly talented fanmixer (legit - unlike me), so if you have any interest at all, check her out. 


i. Dark Stuff l Yann Tierson
(the Spencer estate)

bad news coming 

ii. Bela Lugosi’s Dead l  Nouvelle Vague 

the bats have left the bell tower
the victims have been bled 
red velvet lines
the black box

iii. Idioteque l  Radiohead 

I laugh until my head comes off 
I swallow till I burst
until I burst
until I

iv. Cannibal Love l White Sea 

we've spent a lifetime on this sinking ship
no need to bail the water

v. Bernadette l IAMX 

you have answers
and I have the key
to the door to Bernadette

vi. Raining Blood l  Tori Amos

trapped in purgatory
a lifeless object alive
awaiting reprisal
death will be their acquisition

vii. The End is the Beginning is the End l  Smashing Pumpkins

is it bright where you are?
have the people changed?
does it make you happy?
you're so strange

viii. Black Milk l Massive Attack

love you
for God
love you
for the mother

ix. Come Scientist Destroy l Underworld



♥ Boy, I'm Such A Prince ♥: we are constellations in our own waysuchaprince on November 19th, 2012 10:16 am (UTC)
This is fantastic!