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06 November 2020 @ 07:02 pm

If you want to friend me, or more importantly, would like me to friend you back, please comment here.

Just make sure we have some common interests or I at least know you from somewhere (youtube, fanfiction, or even the Real World. Gasp.). I promise I'm not a friendingsnob.  :) 


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12 June 2020 @ 02:41 pm

Okay, so I decided to finally start compiling some of my favorite fics, along with short(ish) descriptions of why they're worth reading. This post will get updated occasionally, mostly for my own convenience and because this goodness deserves its own running post. A lot of these come from my faves list on fanfiction.net, but then, a bunch of them don't.
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28 October 2012 @ 01:22 am

Each song is meant to represent one antagonist, although they're meant to have to be cohesive and represent Umbrella as a whole. ALSO: for some reason I was convinced Carla formerly worked for Umbrella. Since she represents "Neo-Umbrella", I feel her inclusion is warranted. 

I realized after I made this mix that two of the songs came from one of suchaprince's mixes. She's an amazingly talented fanmixer (legit - unlike me), so if you have any interest at all, check her out. 


i. Dark Stuff l Yann Tierson
(the Spencer estate)

bad news coming 

ii. Bela Lugosi’s Dead l  Nouvelle Vague 

the bats have left the bell tower
the victims have been bled 
red velvet lines
the black box

iii. Idioteque l  Radiohead 

I laugh until my head comes off 
I swallow till I burst
until I burst
until I

iv. Cannibal Love l White Sea 

we've spent a lifetime on this sinking ship
no need to bail the water

v. Bernadette l IAMX 

you have answers
and I have the key
to the door to Bernadette

vi. Raining Blood l  Tori Amos

trapped in purgatory
a lifeless object alive
awaiting reprisal
death will be their acquisition

vii. The End is the Beginning is the End l  Smashing Pumpkins

is it bright where you are?
have the people changed?
does it make you happy?
you're so strange

viii. Black Milk l Massive Attack

love you
for God
love you
for the mother

ix. Come Scientist Destroy l Underworld



01 February 2012 @ 05:29 pm
I really want to write something relaxing and different (Dragon Age? FFXII?), but I need to be w.o.r.k.i.n.g.

I still have my bigbang to do, too. Oh, man. 

(Is anyone who's passingly familiar with Game of Thrones willing to beta? It's very alternative-story-y, so canon knowledge isn't 100% necessary. It's basically a "what happened to Jeyne Poole"? story). 
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29 November 2011 @ 05:34 pm


This is my first time winning, third year playing. 

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02 November 2011 @ 10:13 am

I gave in. 

All you people with tumblrs, what do you do with them? I like looking more than I like doing, but I'm really tempted by the pretty. 

My main fandom concern is fanfic - how do I share that on tumblr? Is it graphics + link, or do people generally add the whole thing to the tumblr? (I've seen a little fic on tumblr, but not a ton - it's definitely geared toward graphics.)

Also, any really fun ones that I should follow? I wish there were more news/information-oriented feeds for fandoms, but I'm not seeing a lot of them yet. I feel like they've got to be there.

26 September 2011 @ 11:16 am
 Title: Life is Not a Song
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones
Subject: Sansa Stark (a touch of Sansa/Littlefinger, or at least Littlefinger -> Sansa)
Warnings: spoilers for Feast
Notes: Not available for download (sorry). Instead you can listen to it in either of two user-friendly sites (8tracks or playlist.com). Lyrics and  listening under the cut. Also includes a wallpaper from the coverart and alternate covers. 

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C a r n i v a l - Natalie Merchant
have I been wrong?
have I been wise?
to shut my eyes
and play along?
S h e e p  S o n g  - The Dresden Dolls
but I see a sheep that will not leave
from the back they catch him in a trap
hit his head and send him off to bed...
all the studies say that if they're calm when they die
they taste better 

A s l e e p - Emily Browning (cover of The Smiths)
sing me to sleep
I'm tired and I,
I want to go to bed
"All she wanted was for things to be nice and pretty,
the way they were in the songs."
S u r r e n d e r  - Sarah Brightman
No more wars to fight
White flags fly tonight
You are out of danger now
Battle field is still
Wild poppies on the hill
Peace can only come when you surrender

T h e  T r i c k  i s  t o  K e e p  B r e a t h i n g  - Garbage
lately I'm not the only one
I say never trust anyone
always the one who has to drag her down
maybe you'll get what you want this time around
"They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head. Sansa
would never make that mistake again."
D o l l  P a r t s - Hole
I am
doll eyes
big veins
dog bait...
I fake it so real I am beyond fake 
“Some septa trained you well. You’re like one of those birds from the Summer Isles, aren't you?
A pretty little talking bird, repeating all the pretty little words they taught you to recite.” 

 T h e  D a r k e r  D a y s  o f  M e  a n d  H i m - PJ Harvey
promises, promises
I'm feeling burned
you taught me a lesson
I didn't want to learn
"Come to the godswood
if you want to go home." 

G r e e n  F i n c h  a n d  L i n n e t  B i r d -  Jeyne Todd (Johanna)
my cage has many rooms, damask and dark
nothing there sings, not even my lark
larks never will, you know,
when they're captive
teach me to be more adaptive 

D a g g e r  - Emily Jane White
Your legs are no longer but you walk just the same
Your charm is a pleasure yet an ever changing cage
It's like I walked into a dagger, took a step back
You turned around and didn't look back
"He is serving me lies as well, Sansa realized. They were comforting lies, though,
and she thought them kindly meant. A lie is not so bad if it is kindly meant.
If only she believed them."

P r e c i o u s  T h i n g s  - Tori Amos
so I ran faster
but it caught me here
guess my loyalty's turned
like my ankle
in seventh grade
running after Billy
running after the rain
these precious things
let them bleed
let them wash away
"Their dreams were full of songs and stories, the way hers had been
before Joffrey cut her father’s head off.
Sansa pitied them.
Sansa envied them." 

(missing "The Trick is to Keep Breathing")
(missing "Surrender, "Green Finch", and "Dagger")
(art in alternate cover is licensed art by this artist)
here                     here
~Comments are well-loved, but not necessary. If you have any questions/thoughts on song choices, go for it. 

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04 August 2011 @ 07:02 pm
College in a week.

So excited.

If I'm not around,  you know why!
in my ears: Black Black Heart - David Usher
I'm really excited about this fic I'm writing. It's coming along in bits and pieces, which is typical, but it's coming along. It's a Resident Evil fic (yeah, laugh) that draws heavily on the Snow Queen. Snow Queen + RE is like milkshakes and fries: unexpectedly good together. Or, at least, I hope it'll come out that way. 

(I will not think about all the fics I lost when my computer crashed. I won'tIwon'tIwon't... fuck. Still hoping to find them on a USB somewhere. Ha.)

I knew about the Snow Queen as a kid thanks to VHS tapes, but a few years ago I fell in love with Come Inside, an Ouran fic that retells Snow Queen and made me rethink it. It's very preachy (hello, Hans Christen Anderson), but also beautiful (hello, Hans Christen Anderson, you wonderful man!!!). 

A simple google brought up two poems that I liked: here and here. I miss poetry in English class. Already. I'm so sad. 

And DANCE WITH DRAGONS comes out today. I'm 27/99 for the book at my library, but I'm debating buying it. Lev Grossman (author of The Magicians, also a good book) already gave it a glowing review. I am now drooling. 

I also found this comm, which does fic recs. I think I want to marry it. Seriously. After a long time in the KyouHaru fandom, I can say that I'd only read half of the ones this person recced, and all of those were duly fantastic. It hasn't been updated in a while, but the rec lists are extensive enough to keep me busy.